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Ostara Ritual Box | Limited

Ostara Ritual Box | Limited

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Ostara — March 19th

Ostara is a Pagan holiday welcoming the spring equinox, where we honor the spring's warmth, light from the sun, and the awakening of the earth. It is a time of purification and renewal. The weather is warming, blossoms begin to come into bloom, and the world is coming alive with color.

Set intentions and cleanse your sacred space with renewing and protective energy from your Ostara Ritual Box. Complete with crystal soap, anointing oil, pink Himalayan vial for your altar or sacred spaces, crystal bracelets, a set of crystals for Ostara, marigold seeds for the rebirth of spring, and a floral hair scrunchie handmade by The Cozy Tangerine.

Each anointing oil is infused with citrine and amethyst crystals, forget-me-not flowers, and essentials oils of lavender for peace, cedarwood for purification, and patchouli for grounding in a coconut oil base. Anointing is a ritual act where a balm or oil is infused with herbs or essential oils and applied to the body, talismans, crystals, or used during rituals. Symbolizes purification, empowerment, and connection to the divine energies of nature.

Crystals used for the Ostara collection were charged under the full moon:
      — amazonite: balance, rejuvenation, and communication
      — rose quartz: harmony, balance, and calm
      — lapis lazuli: spiritual growth and development
      — citrine: joy, life, and abundance
      — amethyst: balance, inner peace, and harmony

Not sure how to use crystals after you’ve finished your soap? Read here!


Each gift box will arrive in a kraft box and adorned with green ribbon. 

Each set includes:
• 1 "Ostara" citrine and amethyst crystal infused artisan soap | appx 4.5-4.8 oz
• 1 "Ostara" anointing oil roller with citrine, amethyst, and forget-me-nots | 5 mL
• 1 vial of pink Himalayan salts for protection and purification
• 2 crystal stretch bracelets, amethyst and fluorite, fits most
• 1 pouch of marigold seeds
• 1 ultra soft blue floral hair scrunchie from The Cozy Tangerine, 100% polyester
• 1 set of tumbled crystals containing amazonite, rose quartz, and lapis lazuli 
Crystals will vary in size and may not be the one exactly pictured.

The Ritual

Ostara | March 19

Since Ostara symbolizes purification and renewal as spring arrives, use this time to cleanse your home and sacred spaces. Refresh and renew your home, open your windows, allowing the warming air to flow through. As you cleanse your space, visualize a wave of cleansing energy purifying your space, inviting in a fresh, uplifting energy to fill it with positivity and light.

Adorn your altar for Ostara. Think spring flowers — tulips, daffodils, marigolds, crocuses. Incorporate the soft hues associated with spring — pastel yellows, greens, pinks, and blues. Include symbols of rebirth and growth — eggs, seeds, and nests to honor the season.

Use your anointing oil to anoint candles (avoiding the wick), altar, ritual tools, and even yourself on pulse points during your Ostara rituals.

Use your vial of pink Himalayan salts for protection and purification. Create a protective barrier by placing a line of salt around your ritual space. For purification, dissolve pink Himalayan salt in water to create a cleansing solution for your sacred space, tools, or yourself. You can also sprinkle salt around your space or across thresholds to absorb and neutralize negative energy.

Connect with nature for Ostara. Walk through nature and enjoy the first buds of spring. Plants seeds as a symbol of manifesting your intentions for the season ahead. The marigolds included are associated with the sun, joy, and positivity, the perfect symbol for spring's rebirth and renewal. Before planting, hold your seeds and visualize goals you're looking to achieve this spring. As you plant, imagine your flowers growing as you work towards your goal. Each time you water your plants, visualize yourself achieving your goals.


Crystal Soap: saponified oils and butters of olive, coconut, cocoa, hemp seed, avocado, castor seed; fragrance oil, sodium lactate, ethically sourced micas (mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, chromium oxide green) ultramarine pink, heather flowers, gypsophila, forget-me-nots, pink Himalayan salts, citrine, amethyst, corn-derived earth friendly glitter (polylactide, polymer)

Anointing Oil: fractionated coconut oil, lavender flower oil, cedarwood oil, patchouli oil, forget-me-not flowers, citrine, amethyst

Ingredients in bold are certified organic.
* = Fair Trade ingredient

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