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Intentional Self Care is Self Love

In a world of frenzy, to-do lists, + hustle culture, we want you to feel empowered to take the time to slow down + honor yourself. Take what seems to be mundane, daily tasks, to little rituals of self care, intention, + joy.

  • Litha Ritual Box for celebrating the summer solstice

    Litha Ritual Box

    Our specially curated Ritual Box returns! Litha is a time to celebrate the summer solstice. Each item in your ritual box has been thoughtfully selected with the summer solstice in mind.

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  • "Love is Love" crystal soaps in rainbow colors for Pride month

    Love is Love đŸłïžâ€đŸŒˆ

    Pride soaps are back! Each bar features an opalite crystal + lavender buds. Proceeds from each bar will be donated to The Trevor Project, a cause close to our heart!

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  • "Eat the Rich" crystal soaps because no one needs a billion dollars while other struggle for life's basic needs

    "Eat the Rich" Crystal Soaps

    As wealthy inequality grows, our small business supports those in need, because the billionaires won't. Proceeds from each bar will be donated to Oxfam.

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Skincare for every need

No one ever said, "I wish I didn't take such good care of my skin."

Skincare is a self care ritual, so honor yourself.

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Lather and Soul Skincare's "Eclipse," the best facial cream for night time

Ethical + Honest Skincare

Established in 2016 + reborn in 2023, Lather + Soul Skincare is more than just a beauty + skincare brand — it's a heartfelt journey into the art of self-care, intention, + joy.

Every product is a testament to our dedication. Each creation is thoughtfully + intentionally made, from the meticulous sourcing of ingredients + label transparency, to our packaging considerations, carbon footprint, + environmental impact.

Your skin deserves nothing less than the utmost care, + we ensure that integrity + ethics are never compromised.

Pam Phinney, owner and founder of Lather and Soul Skincare, handmade skincare products that are good for your skin.

Woman Owned + Operated

My journey into skincare started with a passion and fascination for science and chemistry. Disheartened by the gimmicks in the skincare industry, I vowed to bring ethics, integrity, and education to the forefront. That vision gave birth to Lather + Soul Skincare — a brand rooted in holistic, science-backed, and straightforward skincare.

  • Alex S.

    "Namaste Magical Body Polish smells heavenly. The scrub is the perfect grit for sloughing but still remaining gentle. The gorgeous stone inside is like a reward for finishing an already awesome experience at the end. I just couldn't love it more. I need to try EVERY kind and scent."

  • Elizabeth B.

    "This "Renew" cream literally melts into your face like no other. I’ve tried so many products before, super expensive, super cheap etc., and NOTHING compares to how this hydrates. It is NOT greasy at all! Honestly after it absorbs into your face you can’t feel it. Your skin is soo soft after. It’s truly amazing."

  • Katie T.

    "I picked up the travel size at one of the markets she was at and I'm really impressed with this. My hair feels clean, smells good, and it does an amazing job at absorbing oil. I use it almost every night before bed. I actually just ordered the full size one so I can keep my travel bottle in my handbag. This stuff is a game changer and highly recommend it. Love that I can just grab the refill bag next time and keep using my bottles."

  • Leigh Ann

    "I hope this never gets discontinued! I deal with a little bit of darkness and puffiness under my eyes and this actually is making a difference. I'm noticing I don't have to use as much concealer when I get ready in the mornings now."

Lather and Soul is a proud donator to Eco Soap Bank

We proudly donate to Eco-Soap Bank

Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian + environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, + supply leftover soap from manufacturers for the developing world.