Soaps for a Cause

We proudly donate to Eco-Soap Bank

Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, and supply leftover soap from manufacturers for the developing world.

Lack of access to soap remains a critical factor in fighting the spread of preventable diseases worldwide. In some areas of the developing world, only 1% of households have soap for handwashing.  Eco-Soap Bank seeks to address the critical need for hygiene. Working since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has sustainably supplied more than 3.5 million people with soap and hygiene education.

An important component of their model is the way the soap is recycled. Eco-Soap Bank focuses on hiring local women from disadvantaged backgrounds, training them as soap recyclers, and providing them with steady wages.

Lather and Soul proudly donates to Eco-Soap Bank