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Soaps with Medical Claims

How to get in trouble with FDA 101

Soap is intended to CLEAN. That’s it.

Any product out there that claims to treat or cure any sort of medical condition, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc, is actually classified as a drug by the FDA. It’s incredibly difficult [and expensive] to have a drug approved for sale and requires extensive testing. Susie’s handmade soaps are not going to cure your medical issues, sorry not sorry.

Do soap makers give special attention to the ingredients going into the soap recipe? YES x1000. These ingredients help balance the cleansing, hardness, creaminess, lather, and conditioning qualities. Extra additives included help with the sensorial experience of your bar of soap.

Maybe you found a bar that did help with a skin woe you’ve been experiencing. That’s amazing! But a company making medical claims about their soaps? That’s a HUGE no-no and also grossly dishonest.

My soap is intended to clean your skin. The end.
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Is it still considered a claim?, If I say that my soap can be effective against skin rashes, acne, etc.


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