Self Care & Isolation

Self Care & Isolation

With the pandemic of COVID-19, I know so many of us are filled with moments of stress and anxiety. What we're dealing with is unprecedented for most of us. Small shops, restaurants, and schools are closed to maintain everyone's health and safety. While completely understandable, this affects many of our livelihoods. Not all have the privilege of receiving sick or emergency pay. These are uncertain times.

We are all being barraged with so much information, so much hysteria. Now is the time to practice self care and take charge of our mental health. Take moments to recharge. Turn off the TV. Shut off the phone. Take breaks from social media. Open all the curtains and let the sunshine beam in. Open the windows and enjoy the breeze. Meditate and breathe. Read that book you've been meaning to open and savor the crack of new binding being broken in. Call a friend and let their voice soothe you. Check in on your elderly or underprivileged neighbors; make sure they have the necessities they need.

Now more than ever, we all need to do our part. If you are not already doing so, I implore you, please stay home and take this seriously. Do not take your health for granted. Practice kindness and compassion. Share your surplus.

This is not a hoax, not “just a bad flu,” not over exaggerated, not propaganda. The longer people stay flippant, the longer we will ALL be affected. We need jobs and a stable economy to go back to, children to return to school, friends to be able to embrace again.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands.

Remember, it's okay to not feel okay all the time.

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