Pam, owner and CEO of Plainville Homestead, woman owned and operated skincare shop.

Not Your 'Boss Babe'

Please don’t call me a Boss Babe. Or a Girl Boss.

You don’t hear the terms Boss Bro, Dude Boss, or Boy Boss. Because it’s weird. A bit cringey.

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I get it. It was meant as women empowerment, which as a woman owned business, I am A L L about. There is something about the phrase that nowadays has it feeling a bit demeaning. Adding ‘babe’ simply degrades the woman as less of an entrepreneur than the male counterpart. It diminishes our work, and I know we as women work our asses off. The argument goes deeper when you add ‘girl,’ as the word girl implies even less of a woman, but a child.

I think it’s a point of pride to be a successful woman, and nothing to hide from or be ashamed of. We don’t have to be a ‘babe’ or sexy or sexualized to own and operate a successful business.

Even worse, the term has been overused and tainted by MLMs in recent years. The last thing I’d ever want is for my brand to be associated with predatory MLMs.

I know I am intelligent, talented, and qualified. Let YOUR quality and work speak for itself.
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