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Crystal Ritual - How to use your new crystals

Now that you've started to amass your new crystal collection, you may be wondering what to do with them after you've finished your crystal body product. There are a number of ways to introduce crystals into your life, and there is no one set "right" way to do so.

But first, why crystals?

Healing crystals date back thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, from adorning tombs for the afterlife to soldiers using crystals for protection in battle.

A collection of crystal soaps made by Lather + Soul Skincare

Many believe crystals contain a certain concentration of the earth's energy with a particular vibration and frequency. They interact with your body's energy field, creating balance and alignment, and can work like a magnet — pulling and absorbing negative energies. This vibrational energy can benefit the mind and body in the same way as aromatherapy.

Many often also use them to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. Each crystal carries its own metaphysical properties and benefits, many of which overlap and can work together in a synergistic fashion. While nothing replaces proper medical treatment (nor would I ever suggest forgoing medical advice/treatment), crystals can provide support for both physical and mental health.

OK, now what?

Get familiar with the properties and benefits of each crystal. Refer to the product listings and even the label on your soap or other body product which provides highlights of the properties and meanings.

Here are some very simple and basic ways to integrate your new crystals into your everyday:

— Enjoy their beauty! Crystals come in such a variety of colors, sizes, sheens, flash, texture, and more. Even if you may not believe in the properties of crystals, I think we can all appreciate how beautiful they are, much like we enjoy art in our homes or wearing sparkly jewelry or listening to music.

— Adorn your shelf or altar. Many create a special, sacred space to house their collection of crystals, spiritual tools, and other meaningful items. This sacred space invites spiritual energies and amplifies and reinforces intentions.

— Meditate while holding the crystal. Crystals can deepen your meditation, help provide a focus object, and even raise your consciousness and awareness. 

— Place on your nightstand or under your pillow during sleep. Many crystals can provide relaxation, tranquility, and peace to help offer a better night's sleep, while other crystals can be used to help alleviate nightmares or other types of spiritual protection.

— Carry it in your pocket or bag/purse. Feeling a little anxious today? Take a crystal with you and let their calming vibrations soothe you. (Amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, sodalite, and labradorite are good options.) Based on your emotional state or what event you have ahead of you, there's a crystal for that. 😉

There is no end to what you can use your crystals for. Let your intuition and creativity guide you on your journey.

**Note of caution: Please do not place crystals in any bodily orifices as some are porous leading to a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, with the rise in popularity of crystal infused water bottles, please ensure your crystals are water safe. Some crystals can leech certain chemicals into your water that is not safe to consume.

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