Crystal soaps... Is it a gimmick?

Crystal soaps... Is it a gimmick?

Healing crystals date back thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, from adorning tombs for the afterlife to soldiers using crystals for protection in battle.

Many believe crystals contain a certain concentration of the earth's energy with a particular vibration and frequency. They interact with your body's energy field, creating balance and alignment, and can work like a magnet — pulling and absorbing negative energies. This vibrational energy can benefit the mind and body in the same way as aromatherapy.

They are also used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. Each crystal carries its own metaphysical properties and benefits, many of which overlap and can work together in a synergistic fashion. While nothing replaces proper medical treatment, crystals can provide support for both physical and mental health.

While some folks go to church, pray, or practice yoga, some of us collect crystals and meditate. Whether you believe in it or think it's woo, I think we can all agree that they are intrinsically beautiful simply in their existence. So go on, wash with intention, it certainly won't hurt you.

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