Celebrate Small Biz: The Value of Your Support

Celebrate Small Biz: The Value of Your Support

The struggle is real — but at least I’m my own boss, amirite? 😅

There’s been a lot of talk lately, amongst my small biz friends and online. This year has felt…different. And it’s understandable. The cost of literally everything has skyrocketed, we painfully know this.

Small business meme about juggling everything

Let’s face it, small businesses are the 🤍 of our communities. They create jobs, drive economic growth, and bring you unique products and services that the big chains just can't match. They also inject personality and culture into our neighborhoods, making them more vibrant and interesting places to live.

Supporting small businesses isn't just about economics, it's about strengthening the community and keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive.

It’s also a privilege to be able to shop small, I get it wholeheartedly. Supporting small businesses doesn't always mean spending money. It can be as simple as recommending a local business to a friend, leaving a positive review online, or just showing your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of small business owners.

Your ability to shop small will never be judged by me. When you do, I hope you know how much I appreciate you.

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