Artisan soaps by PLainville Homestead, soaps that are good for your skin and handmade with real ingredients.

You can blossom into magnificence

If a melted puddle of oils and butters can turn into something beautiful, you too, my dear, can fall apart and can still blossom into magnificence.
Plainville Homestead Pride soaps for Pride monthI think that’s what has always drawn me to soap making. The act of melting everything down into one messy pot… Selecting the perfect shades + scent blends… Creating the design to showcase the colors and design… Then 24 hours later, everything has come together into a solid mass of functional and beautiful soap. It may not be in its final true form and a little soft around the edges, but with time, a truly unique bar of soap awaits.

Now if that isn’t a poetic portrayal of life’s struggle and transformation, I challenge you to find something better.

So, yes, I make soap, but it’s so much more.
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