lotion refill pouches

Lotion refills are here!

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Grab yourself a lotion refill!

lotion refill pouches

Yes, I completely understand these refills are in plastic pouches. Sustainability is a complex topic with many gray areas and working parts. To eliminate plastic in its entirety is not the answer right now until other systems are in place. By all means, we should reduce how much plastic and waste we are consuming and producing. When that isn't feasible, reduction is the next best step we can take. Steps are still steps. It doesn't need to be all or nothing.

Did you know that these refill pouches use more than 50% less plastic than the plastic bottles? They weigh less for shipments, use less materials to create, require less energy, and are easily recyclable at numerous grocery store plastic drop off centers.

Available to purchase at reduced cost here.

For lotion refills, be sure your bottle and cap are clean before filling:

- Wash both bottle and cap in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Bottle brush works best for cap orifice.
- For added sanitation, mix 1 tsp bleach with 4 cups warm water, and soak bottle and cap for a few mins.
- Let air dry completely before filling with refill pouch.
Even better:
- Already have a container or jar? Grab a pouch and reuse/dispense into your [clean] container. 
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